FinCo Fuel has taken over the dealership for the distribution and sales of XBEE enzyme technology for the Benelux as per 1st June 2021. This acquisition fits with the ambition of FinCo Fuel to be a front runner in the transition towards low-carbon fuels.

From 2 December 2019, the port of Lauwersoog decided together with Gulf Bunkering and Oliehandel Klaas de Boer to provide ChangeXL fuel to all ferries, fishing boats and other customers of the Cooperative Purchasing and Sales Association (C.I.V.) Lauwersoog in order to make the port more sustainable. Gerard Weidenaar, Manager of Lauwersoog, is happy with this switch. “With ChangeXL, we deliver cleaner and better fuel to our customers, which is also better for the environment”.

23 July 2019 – FinCo Fuel Nederland B.V. introduces ChangeTL, a new fuel for inland shipping industry with the unique combination of GTL, FAME and natural enzymes. This fuel provides a significant CO2 reduction of 16%. In addition, other emissions such as NOx (19%), soot and particulate matter (33%) are also drastically reduced. A good result at a competitive price, certainly in view of the recently signed Green Deal agreement that the inland shipping industry need to achieve 20% less CO2 emissions in 2024.